Hello! My name is George Pickett.

I'm a frontend engineer and founder of ROI Signal. Previously I worked at Forio in San Francisco where we built multi-player online simulation games.

I'm a curious soul. A tinkerer and a thinker, life-long learner. I like building things, breaking things, fixing things. I wireframe, design and build user interfaces that delight the end user.

Previously, I've worked at...
see LinkedIn or my resume for the boring stuff.

Below you'll find some older projects I worked on during the couple years.

Check Out The Code:
ROI Signal

This is my baby. ROI Signal is the only project here that really demonstrates my current skillset, the rest below is pretty outdated. I founded ROI Signal after being fed up with the tedious process of finding and analyzing multi-family real estate deals. ROI Signal crawls multiple real estate websites and provides investors with an intuitive UI to analyze deals.


Rebuilt PressDemocrat.com from scratch with HTML/CSS(Flexbox)/JavaScript to be fully responsive and mobile-first.

Browser Stream

A Chrome Extension that allows you to share your browsing history with your friends. In "public browsing" mode, every URL you visit is pushed to Firebase and synced in real time to an aggregated feed.

Youtube Instant Search

I love Google's instant search. Why doesn't Youtube have it?!? Well, now it does!

Spotify/Imgur API Search (April 2016)

"Spotify-Imgur" allows you to hit the Spotify API or the Imgur API isntantly with the click of a button. I built this with React, Redux, ES6, Node, Webpack, Express, Babel.

Press Democrat: Valley fire coverage (Spring 2016)

The Press Democrat did an incredible job covering the devastating fires in 2015. I was given a list of links and a Dropbox folder of photos and was asked to design and build a site to showcase their amazing photography and journalism of the disaster. I used parallax scrolling techniques which I coded from scratch and learned a lot along the way.


JamPad is a prototype of a concept a friend and I came up with when I first moved to San Francisco. In short, jamPad is Airbnb/Couchsurfing for shared workspaces. The vision is to build a platform that allows you to open an app and find a new place to work (for free) every day. Whether it's somebody's house, a co-working space, or a coffeeshop.

Storytelling Game

A multi-player game with 10 rounds. Each round users have 30 seconds to add a line to the story. After 30 seconds, all responses are displayed and players vote on their favorite answer. The best answer is appended the the original story and the next round begins.

Scrape The News

Scrapes the latest content from Google News using Node.js. Each time you click a category, the scraper function runs again, getting the latest content from that category. Additionally, by navigating the the "Explore" tab, you can type in a query and it'll fetch the latest news for that query.

Productivity Tracker

Productivity Tracker gives me a notification every 30 minutes, and prompts me to fill out a questionnaire. I document the following data:

  • What it is I'm working on
  • My posture (1-10)
  • How productive I feel (1-10)
  • My mood (selected form a dropdown)
  • Negative thinking (1-10)
  • Time since last break
Snippet Share

Snippet Share is a Chrome Extension that is like an enhanced copy+paste. When you highlight text and right click it, you get an extra menu item, "Save Snippet". When you click "Save Snippet", you 'tag' the text you highlighted and it's saved in my web app.

If you're interested in meeting up or chatting, feel free to contact me:




I can meet up anywhere in the Bay Area.